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              About Us
                 xuzhou pengjiu chemical industry co.ltd. is located in the 2500 years of history of the ancient city of Xuzhou. Founded in 2005, it has been manufacturers and suppliers of high quality cellulose---ether. The main products are sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and polyanionic cellulose which are widely used in food, daily chemical, oil, ceramics and other industrial areas. Xuzhou Pengjiu chemical co., LTD. obtain high praises with its perfect sales service system and high-quality products which are exported to southeast Asia, Japan, the United States and other regions.
                  Relying on its own plant and strong domestic plant resources and adhering to the deep understanding of customer needs and the enterprise spirit of high credit, Pengjiu wins a good reputation among the peer companies after 10 years of efforts and rapid development.
                 Our ultimate aim is providing the best products to our customers.